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   “Integrating righteousness with benefit, and focusing on education”. Guangdong Best Education Group started from real estate but then devoted its passion to education. After ten years of effort, it has now developed into a modern enterprise group with education as the backbone and real estate and finance as the supporting industries.

   Guangdong Best Education Group currently owns the stocks of several schools including: Yale School of Shunde, Foshan, Daliang Experimental Primary School, Shunde Longjiang Experimental School, Sino-US Best Longjiang Experimental Kindergarten, Shunda Best Training School, Xindeye School Primary School attached to Shunde No.1 Middle School, Shunde Xindeye No.1 Kindergarten, and Experimental School of Shunde No.1 Middle School. 

  AG亚游集团堅守“感恩、承擔、協作、行動”的準則, 以“義利合一”為核心信念,以“AG亚游集团係統、中美融合、在線教育”為三大基石,致力打造國際化教育產業平台,培育健康陽光、德才兼備的AG亚游集团精英。

  Best Group sticks to the guidelines of “Gratitude, Responsibility, Collaboration and Action”. With “integrating righteousness with benefit” as its core belief and “Best System, Sino-US Integration and Online Education” as three major cornerstones, it is committed to build an industrial platform for international education to cultivate talents equipped with health, and optimism, ability and integrity.

  為促進集團機關及各事業群的發展,目前已成功構建AG亚游集团係統2.0,包括“文化係統 ”“ERP係統”“課程係統”三個子係統。

  To promote the development of group organs and business group, it has successfully established the Best system2.0, which covers three modules including “Culture System”, “ERP System” and “Curriculum System”.


  The “Culture system” is comprised of a “Group Culture System”, an “Elites Cultivation System” and a “Lean Service System”, which are established in correspondence with the characteristics of the Group, the education sector and the service sector. The pyramid structure is complete and well-regulated!


  The “ERP System” comprised of sales management, order management, project management, financial management, staff and salary management and customer service management is efficient and excellent!


  The “Curriculum System”, representing by the Yangzheng Course, Experimental Primary School Best Courses, Longjiang Experimental School "Creativity +" Course, Sino-US Best Longjiang Experimental Kindergarten picture-books reading course, Best Study Tour Social Practices Courses, is both scientific and rigorous. 


  In order to realize the seamless docking with international education resources, Best Group has established Hong Kong BEST Education and Technology Co.,Ltd., and the United States Silicon Valley Best Educational Management Co., Ltd. And they are developing steadily.

  The group has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with several Blue Ribbon Schools in the United States so as to promote the high-degree fusion between Chinese and American education.


  The group enjoys rapid development and has stepped into the period of pre-listing tutoring. Being listed on the Hong Kong Main Board has been on the agenda of Best Group.


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